We, Your Church Words: Rev Ian Henderson ©2013

Tune: Divinum Mysterium
(ĎOf the Fatherís love begottení, Hymns and Psalms No.79)

We, your Church, are here to worship,
To acknowledge Christ is Lord.
He alone deserves our praises,
As we share with one accord.
He has died and he is risen,
For our sin was crucified;
With his Church he will abide.

We, your Church, are on a journey,
To the present from the past,
From the present to the future
For as long as life shall last.
Many travelled here before us,
Showed to us by faith the way;
Itís our turn to serve today.

We, your Church, we have a mission,
Itís your purpose to make known.
Known to all and every nation,
Through the seds of love weíve sown.
You had planned in Christ your purpose,
Long before earth came to be:
Death for sin his destiny.

We your Church, are here and ready
For whatever change may be;
Christ his Church on earth is building,
Build it, Lord, right here in me!
Lead us, Lord, help us move forward,
In your purpose play our part;
For this time, with all our heart.