Lord, Build Your Church Words: Rev Ian Henderson © 2013

Tune: Lord, for the years (Mission Praise No. 428)

Lord, build your Church, to us youíve sent and given,
Your Holy Spirit in our lives to dwell.
We have been called, and daily we have striven,
Of Christ as Lord the whole wide world to tell.

Lord, build your Church, we honour those whose race is run,
Those in the past who served you faithfully,
Passed on the faith to each new generation,
That Christ is Lord, Godís Son eternally.

Lord, build your Church, and make us, Lord, more humble,
Give us fresh vision for the years ahead;
Mould us and make us people that wonít stumble,
For Christ is Lord, by him the Church is led.

Lord, build your Church that in the present we might
Learn from the past to shape the future way.
Grant us the wisdom, also give us insight,
For Christ is Lord, his life let us display.

Lord, build your Church, that when you come in glory
We may be ready, faithful till you call.
And, in the meantime, carry on our journey,
With Christ as Lord, who is our all in all.