Donaghadee Methodist was 200 years old in 2013.

Donaghadee Methodist Church was 200 years old in 2013.  It was founded in 1813, at the time of the Napoleonic War, at the initiative of three main people:

Mary Carey, the daughter of a tenant farmer, who used to walk in to Newtownards and even in to Belfast to attend services until she succeeded in persuading Methodist preachers to come out to Donaghadee.  She started the first Sunday School in the area.

Mary Smith, the well-to-do daughter of a Lisburn trading family, who converted to Methodism, gave up her frivolous way of life and devoted herself to good works.  She was able to use her contacts to raise some of the necessary funds.

Rev Samuel Steele of Belfast, who was tasked by the Methodist Conference to raise money for the new church and, when there was not enough, rode out from Belfast and worked at it with his bare hands until they bled, and then worked with gloves on.

The church's 200 year history is related in the book "A church for all weathers", which is available from Donaghadee's Corner Shop (Post Office) and online from Amazon, price £5.

The church's Bicentenary was celebrated with a special service on Sunday 19 May.  The President of the Methodist Conference and other dignitaries will attend.

Donaghadee Male Voice Choir sung in the church on the evening of 19 May.

Rev Ian Henderson wrote two special new hymns for the bicentenary, one of which has been set to an original tune by local member and organist Alan Mills.

Hymn 1: We, Your Church

Hymn 2: Lord, Build Your Church