Methodist Women in Ireland (MWI)

The MWI group in Donaghadee Methodist Church meets on the first Monday of each month, October to Easter, where we offer a varied programme covering spiritual, topical and practical things of interest.

We had  our first autumn meeting on Monday 2nd  October at 1.30pm in the Wesley Hall, when we welcomed some new members from the Bangor connection. We look forward to our journey ahead together. We not only meet monthly but also help in various ways and projects in both our Church family and the wider community. This ranges from Mother and Toddlers, crafts and even planting out our boat down on the shore front!

  We continue to support missions, the container ministry and the local foodbank (which we were fortunate to have been able to visit)

(We also support and encourage each other.)

We usually meet on the 1st Monday of the month and below is listed our programme to the end of the year!

October 2nd              Getting to know you. 

November 6th          Salvation Army Bangor:- Speaker Major Linda Cunliffe

December 4th           Advent meeting

I do hope you will consider attending any of the meetings that would suit you.

You will be very welcome.

If you would like to be in touch please feel free to phone or text Helen 07751795044  or Mary 07740374442