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What sort of church is

Donaghadee Methodist?

It is an inclusive, accepting and forgiving church

We do not think of ourselves as more ‘holy’ or ‘righteous’ than anyone else, or more worthy than any other sinner who chooses to sit down with us.

We all depend equally on the limitless grace of God


Martin Luther King famously said,
“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”
We say, “Yes. But it does not stop there. It sweeps on to forgiveness.”


If the Old Testament is the story of conflict between judgment and forgiveness in the very heart of God, the New Testament assures us that in the end forgiveness wins, thanks to the sacrificial love of Christ.


Our response to that grace is to combine prayer and Bible study with the social gospel preached by John Wesley.  We therefore place great weight on social action: world development and relief, the social outreach of the Methodist City Missions, the Bangor Food Bank, Connect Counselling and much more.


We preach Christ crucified.
We worship joyfully, especially favouring the great hymns of the Wesleys for which Methodism is most famous. And we try to care for one another through faithful and loving pastoral work.


Donaghadee Methodist is a part of the Methodist Church in Ireland (www.irishmethodist.org) and of the worldwide Methodist Church.