Tree Planting at Crommelin Wood.

On Saturday 4th March Rev Louise along with members of the church met at 10.30am at Crommelin Wood, in the town to take part in the Donaghadee Community Tree Nursery which is to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Northern Ireland.

Several local group were also planting their town on the Saturday morning with other groups who had planted their trees during the week. So armed with our trees and shovels we head to our designated  section and With instructions in the hands of Louise we started to dig. We had a number of different trees to plant from Copper and Green Beech, Sliver Birch, Grey Alder and Hawthorn. The larger trees were planted at the back and small towards the front of out section.

We all pray that these trees will grow good and strong and always be a last part of Crommelin Wood for years to come. So if your looking for an afternoon walk why not go and visit our section and enjoy the quietness of the woods away from the busyness of the town centre.